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Watch as blue and red team bots battle for supremacy.

Bot teams struggle to get more gems than the other team in order to take over the field. Once a team gathers 5 gems a new bot teammate is added to their queue. However, they must wait one second before the new teammate may join.

Each bot is armed with an HVPPAM (High Velocity Projectile Projecting Armament Mount). This device provides FFAD (Forward Facing Attack Damage) which is capable of dealing massive damage and destroying an enemy bot. They are hesitant to use them however since destroying a teammate is always a danger.

Due to the new laws dictated by the KTPFCA (Keep The Playing Field Clean Act) any crater created by an exploding bot must be patched and cleaned in a timely fashion. Therefore, you will see a Utility bot deployed to keep the field clean when such a need arises.

Also, due to the NOIALA (No One Is A Looser Act) if any team starts to win by too much then the Utility bot shall remove from the field such bots as deemed necessary to allow equality and justice for all.

Occasionally you may see:

  • When two bots run into each other a static charge may jump between them and cause a temporary electrical overload.
  • Sometimes the bots like to dance together. Yeah, strange, huh.

So sit back and relax with your favorite brand of hot cocoa and watch vicious, high speed, professionally designed, high tech bots do stuff.

It's not just a sport, it's


P.S. There is no interaction in this game. It's like football; you just watch it.


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